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Junk Car Boys began it’s humble beginnings on the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. Since then they have grown into a fierce competitor in the cash for cars market. They grew up in a little town called Chicago, Illinois, maybe you have heard of it? They were raised in a family that never bought new cars, in fact, they drove around junk cars most of the time. They would drive the cars until they died, and would try to fix them, if they couldn’t fix them, then the vehicles would just sit on their property rotting because they didn’t know what to do with them. For these types of situations, this is where the Junk Car Boys come in.

Starting off with nothing, the two brothers quickly grew the business into a national corporation, still 100% owned by the two brothers. Bringing on their oldest brother, they are a complete family run business and now serve every major city in the United States.

Their great success is from their number 1 rule they said they would never waiver on no matter how large they got. Customer service! They pride themselves on having excellent customer service. Even though there have been moments where that idea has wavered, they are always quickly brought back to it once a customer complains. Thank goodness for that!

As they continue to grow, they continue to thank their customers for the opportunity to serve them, and giving them a chance to impress them. One car at a time!

Thank You So Much!

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